The first thing I can say about the journey in creating my Body Map is that it was tremendously difficult.  It pushed me to my limits in every way from stamina due to time restraints to the over analyzing of my conceptual idea.   It drained me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
Since my map can be described by how and who I am we can start with its shape.  I HATE to be “labeled” or put in a “box”.  That is why my map is free floating without a boarder of four corners thus it is only contained by room It’s displayed in.  I’m a spiritual, straightforward, simple, yet complex person.  You can’t get more straightforward than a black and white drawing.  It is simple yet precise, paying attention to all the details.  The gold deep-rooted seed of my spirituality is growing the Victorian veins system throughout my body leading you to the different aspects of my character.  Speaking of character the only way I can describe mine is big and bold.  It’s so big it takes up half my leg.  

 photo DavidMitchellIIBodyMap_zps7765bbe0.jpg

"My personality goes from being a big kid, full of laughter, to serious and you can tell whatever mood I'm in by simply reading the expression on my face."
A few of those expressions were anger, hate, and sadness permeated the reddish orange figure.  These feeling took me to a dark place in my adolescent youth with me attempting suicide on three separate occasions.  Luckily the seed of God stopped such a foolish thing to happen. Just like it stopped me from accepting the verbal abuse of being called “stupid.”  I hate that word and right along with it the word “nigga”.  I hate it.  
I have also depicted several physical ailments such the boot spur indicating that I have spurs in my shoulder.  I have a scar from a bike accident on my knee and a cut from broken glass on my by head.  It seems like I've had a lot of head injuries because I also had an exit sign fall on my head leaving a mark as well. 
In addition, there are a few chicken pox marks on my chest as well as I’m the possessor of a weak bladder.  Hey when you gotta go you gotta go.  I was kind of freaked out when I had to loose my big toe nail because I caught the Gout.  That whole experienced sucked, plus I thought my toenail wasn’t going to grow back, but it did.  I was burned with a cigarette on my arm by mistake by my older brother.  Speaking of being burned although I hate smoke of any kind, I did happen to get a brand on my shoulder from my fraternity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.    
"My mindset is something else.  I am constantly thinking.  I love options but sometimes get lost in the self made maze options in my mind that will lead to the free and creative side.  Often times I drift off thinking of so much stuff sometimes important and relevant and other times not."
I must say I love anime. This impacts a lot of the work that I do, now if its noticed or not is a different story.  I love the entertainment of it all and then being able to drift off thinking about what would I have done with the same script while admiring how they push new concepts and stories. 
I chose to use gold leafing and gold accents to represent my spiritual gifts.  My golden hands show my gift of creating art through many different mediums like film, writing, painting drawing etc…  My eyes are gold because I can see the unseen.  I am able to see that imaginary picture and create it in reality on paper, canvas, or whatever medium is needed.  My third eye can sometimes see the outside spiritual nature of people and situations.   I have a big heart overflowing with love and waiting to share it with someone lucky woman.  
"Love is also in the safe of memories that I cherish most. My heart is a gift, because I love people and love to help them, yet I am a little ruff around the edges sometime, because I am not and never will be perfect with my gifts.  That is why they are so ruff."
There were many other things I wanted to display in the map, but due to time restraints it was not possible, such as my father leaving and coming back into my life.  That whole healing process is also the result of the overflowing of love.  Then I just couldn’t come up with a good enough image to show one of my biggest flaw of procrastination.
Alfred David Mitchell II, was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been creating art for as long as he can remember. But it was the artist's brother, Devon Puckett, who would instill the importance of striving for excellence within the context of art. Unfortunately, Mitchell's brother would meet an untimely death in 1995.
The artist made a promise to his brother that he would not give up art as he himself had done and that he would always be the best person he could be.He has obtained a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Clark Atlanta University graduating Cum Laude in his class.