When I stare down at an intimidating blank canvas, I often wonder what the end result will be. Usually, I begin a piece with a general idea in mind, but it often takes on a life of its own, carrying me to places I’ve never been. The most interesting part of the creative process is waking up the day after I’ve completed a painting: I look at it and wonder, "Did I paint that"? Perhaps because when I’m in "the zone", I tend not to think too hard about what I’m doing. It happens organically, but at the same time with great focus on composition and design.
My artwork is primarily abstract--the freedom I feel when I paint this way is exhilarating. Each time I paint an idea or feeling, I learn something new about myself. The psychology of abstract expressionism is very interesting to me, as it is a window into an artist’s mind.

 photo AraDeranKeyBodyMap_zpse7cb3021.jpg

A common thread in my body map is the smiley faces, which I have an affinity for. Perhaps it is the sense of balance they bring to the painting by representing happy thoughts all through the veins of my body even when I may be sad sometimes I still have joy in my big heart that helps me to stay joyful and focused about life, and the tears represent the joy I have even though trials may come I know my creator is close by to wipe all my tears away. Furthermore, the earth represents me 
being able to obtain many treasures this world was to offer me and my body is  made in a fetal position because I feel something great is going to be birthed this year for a great change in my life. 
My passion in life is art, for it allows me to express myself through color and design. Furthermore, I am blessed to have such a great talent and a loving spirit to share with the world. For that, I am eternally grateful. I will forever be creative, loving and free-spirited and I hope that people will enjoy my work for years to come.
Born in 1979, Ara DeRan Key grew up in Irondale, Alabama, which the artist lovingly refers to as "a quiet serene city filled with good people and great southern food.  The artist attended Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama where she majored in Communication with a concentration in electronics and visual arts.