Free Will Ensemble

Inaugural Commencement October 2017

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Born out of performances conducted through our *Artlab series; The Free Will Ensemble will serve as an atelier for the expansion of those experiments. The project will bring together a wide range of creative conjurers of different ethnicities and disciplines to construct highly stylized theatrical experiences.

The Goals of U*Space's F.W.E –

• Create visceral works that explore/address issues of identity, race, gender and culture as they pertain to communities of the 21 century and beyond.

• Fearlessly push past boundaries in order to create work that is un- or under-represented.

• Provide new models of employment opportunities for participants as well as serving as a model for the creating of professional yet inexpensive projects.

• Embody the true meaning of “Ujima” the Swahilhi word for collective work and responsibility.

• Create visual installations and community talks around each experiment.

• The F.W.E. is interested not only in content (the work) but in context and ways of empowering artists as space-holders and creators of the artistic context

Individuals wishing to work with F.W.E. must be willing to contribute: Time, Contacts, Talents and Physical Skills.

Current Opportunities

Collective Members