Lutengano Mwakisopile (called also Lute) is was born in Dar es Salaam around 1976. His mother and father are of Nyakyusa tribe from Mbeya, west Tanzania. Hi has studied the primary school in Dar es Salaam and the the secondary school in Mbeya. In 1992 he was sent to Dar es Salaam to study art and there he met sister Jean. He entered the Nyumba ya Sanaa in 1992, just at the same time as Robino Ntila was leaving. He stayed in Nyumba ya Sanaa until now, it means 17 years. But in late 90�s he worked a few years as a freelance. He is both abstract artist and an illustrator for different social organizations. His drawings were used in different social and health campaigns in Tanzania. He has had exhibitions abroad but he himself has never set foot outside Africa.

The artist resides in Tanzania.