I have always had a love of birds and butterflies. The fact they were so pretty and could fly away was magical to me. I have always loved butterflies as they are so light, colorful and can flutter away at a whim. In the painting my face is covered as I sometimes feel very shy and I want you to see me dashing and brilliant… ego thing I suppose.
Butterflies in my hair. I feel sometimes that my head is in the clouds, forever day-dreaming. 

 photo NicolePritchettBodyMap_zpsae8632bf.jpg

I have always been a daydreamer. I think that’s where a lot of my pieces are born. The mixing of -mixing the fantasy with the real (world). My works really look to bring out the hidden surprises of those two worlds. Being fortunate enough to find interesting shapes, colors and beauty in almost anything; I can look at an old/rotting tree and dead flowers and find its beauty and that is what I want to incorporate in my artwork.
As a child I was very skinny, energetic and sometime sickly. I would always have nose bleeds. It could have been from getting overheated while running or playing or I could be sitting quietly and it would happen. 
"Doctors would tell my mom that I would grow out of it constantly and she was always worried. One of the results of the nose bleeds were blood clots." 
This is TMI (so be warned) I would have to blow the clots out my nose instead of swallowing or I would be choked. It was a weird thing for nurses in school to see me do this at such a young age. Most of them didn’t realize I had to blow my nose constantly as my nose bled. I admit-- I would not want this as an adult. Glad it went away as I got older
I have always had a nervous stomach and gastrointestinal issues. If I got too nervous or excited I would get pains in my stomach or sickly. I also have acid reflux which is pretty common to a lot of people.
"If you eat right and pay attention what your body likes you should be okay."
Restless legs—The image of nails in my legs is sometimes annoying but not painful. It’s a jittery, odd, almost indescribable feeling where your legs want to move and to get relief you either  stretch your legs, hit them or move around. I’ve been told as I get older this condition may not let up. I just need to deal with it.
Born Sept 15, 1971 in Birmingham Alabama. I am the eldest sibling of my brother and sister who are twins. Pritchett attended The University of Alabama and graduated with a BS in Clothing, Textiles and Design. Her technique is a fusion of her formal training in illustration, cloth, and ancient dye/wax techniques.