Do You See What I See?
1) Masjed (mosque): alternate spelling majid. God, the church is around my head. I recall early on that when choices were presented to me I had little religious quotes to help me. “God don’t like ugly.” That is the one that stuck out most. It was like a foundation, a root in my brain that would influence most of my life. I always felt the church lurking behind me, watching me. It represents my dad, my mom and my family as well.
2) DNA: Hand and Foot print. Who I would become was already set. It’s a covering, my spirit self protecting my ego self as I learn about duality, front and back, masculine and feminine, heaven and hell. I would strive to be on top of my growth. 
I can always feel a masculine energy around me; leaving impressions, clues to the places that I will connect with it. My guardian angel, he is purple, masculine and I call him indigo. And he has the nerve to spook anyone, even without me knowing. He just shows up and I may not know he’s there. 

 photo SankofaSelassieBodyMap_zps3cec23e6.jpg

3) As I grew I found a SPIRITUALITY; it grew like hair grows. You know it grows and you just don’t see it growing; one day it’s just long, or big and fluffy. Even if you cut it off it’s still there waiting to grow again. And I needed that connection to the religions that I love, it just lead me to a different place within myself.
4) BLACK: I have always been called imaginative, and creative. It’s all potential, blackness, the womb, infinite possibilities. That I am black all over is that and when I see my birthmark I am tickled to think that that blackness is in me. 
yan cosmology my birthday falls under the glyph of the serpent and it’s the Kundalini (sacred sensual energy). That was the missing link for me in my seed pod healing. I decorated myself with charms to remember. 
5) On my calf I have charms to recall being turned down for ballet because of my knees. The other charm is for having scratched my knee till it bled thinking that it would keep me from getting in trouble for coming home late. Mommy got me for being late and fixed up my scar. It reminds me of how wonderful my parents are. 
6) My ankles have charms of things that show all of my major heart breaks. I had to transform those relationships into something beautiful and decorative. They each brought something good that I could keep. T. O.- my love of reggae music, R. B., my love and appreciation for drawing on cloths, N.F.S.- my first guitar teacher, B.A.-recording and singing. There is one there that I couldn’t identify since it’s been years since I have seen this…that’s so weird time heals wounds. Thank God. 
7) I love painting my face. The white is the wings of angles; when it’s time to go fly, soar, it’s movement and going places with beauty and decorated with the battle scars. I can draw my life in a new direction with the changing of my thoughts. 
The blue in my neck is learning how to speak up for myself and I can do it with my voice. 
8) Around my map is an incantation adapted from a passage in the book Woman Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa P. Estes. It’s reversing capture. And one you are free it’s like “having both feet planted in midair”, (from Spiritual Emergency). 
"Just like any relationship, the pencil and I have had our challenges, we have proved again that we are very loyal to each other. I show up, the tools stay ready and spirit works." - Sankofa