My drawings are not made so much as they are grown.

When I work I feel like I am using my intuition to draw concepts, emotions, figures, etc. out from my subconscious. Only after most or all of a drawing has been completed am I able to step back and really see what I've done. The interactions I have with a drawing after it is finished determine, for me, what that drawing is and is about. Passions are expressed, emotions are resolved, novel concepts are created, my past is formed, forms become signs, and my output grows a little larger.

The work Must be assimilated

The line drawings are a good way for me to dialog with art through it's creation and contemplation. By simply drawing what I feel are beautiful, balanced forms I somehow create semi-abstract figures in which I see visual representations/manifestations of emotions, events, mental processes, and concepts which I often had only a hazy view of prior to their union with/completion in the drawing. This happens during creation, immediately upon completion, and any amount of time afterward. The order in which drawings are united with concepts in my mind is different than the order in which they were finished. Two personal histories are created.

Make webs out of history Yours and ours

Concepts also take up residence within specific forms. Sometimes this connection is so strong that I wind up using it over and over. These forms make up a kind of vocabulary that I can use to direct the viewer's thoughts about and interpretations of a work, as long as they are aware of what it stands for. My use of vertical columns of (usually three) circles to signify a shirt is a pretty sweet example of this.

Shirt expands outward Person leads to mind

I do not consciously plan or direct my output but react intuitively to what already exists. Never discard. Never erase. Accept your imperfections and cultivate your intuition. This seems to result in an ever-increasing self-knowledge that in turn allows for smoothly flowing expression based on what you have come to feel and know is beautiful, balanced, desirable, necessary and inevitable.

Cooperate with the winds of creation Don't hide you from yourself

Weston Packard