Toshiconan is a pro-illustrator also known as Toshi Ota who lives in Montreal. He paints artworks inspired by Quantum Mechanics and calls them QMArt. He believes in zen dogma, “dokusei dokushi dokkyo dokurai”, meaning “I was born alone, I will die alone, I will leave the universe alone, and return to another universe alone to repeat massless, timeless, spaceless torus shaped Möbius circles with infinite fractal twists that I can see happening now when I become nil all alone. ”

Toshiconan likes to refer to his works as circuit boards forming magnetic fractals connecting us at subatomic level.

Philosophy of the work -

Imagine a pond filled with stationary, massless, distanceless, timeless, consciousless photons. A raindrop(=accidental imbalance) forms fractal ripples(=spontaneous symmetry breakings) to cause curls of magnetic fields, curls of electric fields, that create masses, then consciousness(=fractal curls of electrons in the brain that also produce notion of distance; by-products of masses). This is the universe where we live in. This process is repeated infinite times. Blackholes are magnetic monopoles where S and N are inverted reaching to other universes.

The artist resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Works Available For Purchase