Born in Larne, Northern Ireland, in 1968. Mecheski hold dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States. He grew up in Vienna, Austria and went to the American International School. Studied Fine Art at the Art Institute of Boston. Although his work was most often called Expressionist, Mecheski was very much an individual, and the appearance of his work varied considerably over time. At one point Mecheski had wanted to be a writer, and his art often incorporated written commentaries. His imagery wandered freely between art historical references, fantasy and reality. Mecheskiís work had a wide emotional range: it could be sentimental, erotic, angry, inventive, lovely or flat-out silly. He worked in a variety of media including drawing, painting on paper and canvas, and iPad. He also made polychromed sculptures and loopy pen doodles.

"To be misunderstood is fantastic. There was a time when I painted to be understood. Then I realized it was limited. This is not something i try to do. It happens, Itís misunderstood."

The artist passed away in early May of 2014 from cancer.

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